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C’est une très bonne application parce que en plus de nous faire connaître des mots elle nous apprend la prononciation et la phonétiques. C’est un avantage

I love you too:). انا احبك ايضاً :)

انا احبك ايضاً:) I love you too:)

اشكر هذا البرنامج واتمنى لهم كل خير شكراً ❤️💋

ليس هناك شيء

العراق عنكاوة

مرحبا شلونكم سولاقا


Necesito hablar con el desarrollador de la app no hay soporte técnico en la app favor de contactarme 832-640-35-71 María García



Es un engaño!!!

Una vez bajas la aplicación es muy difícil cancelarla y terminan cobrándote $30. No recomiendo que la bajen ni siquiera para probarla.

تطبيق يساعدك في تعلم الغة الانجليزية في اقرب وقت👌🏻

افضل تطبيقق

رسالة من مضاوي الر خيمي❤️.

انتو اجمل برنامج شفته منه فوائد واجد مثل تعليم والتسليه وأكثر. من مضاوي الرخيمي❤️.



Great programme

This one is really special and useful


Such nice app that improve my English skills I like it



Bring back the feeling of learning

I will study English for a long time in this application, it gives me a feeling of learning

Good use

Thanks a lot for this quality application, I will definitely use it for long


Thanks to this application, my learning has been a lot better, thanks to this application



It's easy

My vocabulary has become much better thanks to this useful application, in which my work becomes easier.

Become special

It is special to my study, it is a part of my academic life

Be simple

My English learning has now become much simpler thanks to this application

Very fast

I can quickly learn the basics as well as advanced English is great when the application in hand

Really good

I will introduce this app to my friends after experiencing this app, it's really good


The application is really essential for every student, using the application well


Too excellent, thanks to the manufacturer, very wonderful and helpful, it is very necessary for my life


I know this application through a friend of mine, and I really need it, great


Surely, I will definitely introduce this very English translation application to my friends


وااااايد حلو صرتtop in english

I know

I am very happy and happy to know this great English translation application


With this useful software, it can support, complement the knowledge that is lacking


With this useful software, it can support us in terms of speaking, reading and writing simple English effectively




Too great yet to see any app as full as this app. Very interesting and useful


Very helpful can learn English anytime anywhere. Hope this application continues to grow

Not blame

Very good or very nice very satisfactory in general is nothing to blame

bad experience

No stars for this app . That was not nice to stole on my money immediately i downloaded that app and keep Taking money from my account monthly and no Option to cancel that on that app . finally I did that through my bank account

Muy buena

Excelente para aprender inglés.


This application is great it helps me learn English much improved, better brain development

My baby

Feel that this is a good option for your child to learn. I feel great and satisfied

Good app

Convenient for you to learn English. Overall I am very satisfied.




great app thank you ❤️

Very well

I have read english very well thanks to this application, and my friends too

The world

This application needs to be more popular, all over the world


I find it useful though not good in English but I can still communicate with foreigners

Good app

I have a lot more confidence in learning English since I know this application, it is very good

Interesting learning methods

The application has very interesting learning methods, through games I can acquire knowledge quickly and blindly longer.

Very modern

A smart application that adopts advanced and modern techniques to make it easy for users to use

Perfect application

I thought English was the hardest language I ever learned, but that prejudice was completely erased when I learned about this application.


The app has helped me to speak English fluently more than before, should I know this application sooner


I got free lessons when I first used the app and I was very confident in this app

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